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Hi all Stacey here, I am the oldest sister and I live way across the other side of the country away from my other sisters. They are 2 of the cleverest people I know the things they create constantly amaze me and I myself love a good craft. So it got me thinking we are all so different and have different skill sets what a great way to stay in touch and share our passion than to share a blog together. This is to save a collection of our craft successes and even fails and maybe offer some inspiration and more importantly entertainment to others. 

We thank you for stopping by and are grateful to any feedback or even sharing of ideas or requests for things you'd like to try but don't quite have the courage yourself. 

My name is Stacey and through the years I’ve dabbled in many craft mediums to various degrees from light interest to completely obsessed. Some just off the top of my head are jewellery making, scrap booking, baking, cooking, make up artistry, soap & beauty product making, painting, mosaic, collage, design. I love travel and eating and drinking and different cultures and language and the Simpsons and on and on I could go you get the gist I’ve recently bought a new home and it needs a bit of work. So after years of renting I’m letting all my pent up decorating, painting, wall papering and gardening creative juices flow. I look forward to sharing some of my ideas with you all. 

I'm Amy the baby of the family, I'm currently a stay at home with two beautiful baby princess's and a crazy puppy.  I have always been quite crafty and loved Art while at high school, at the moment my main craft loves are thing either for my kids or kids crafts I can
do with them. I also love sewing and  and find great joy in making buntings and costumes for parties and snuggly patchwork blankets.   Besides my girls my house is my pride and joy and I love doing little projects around the house or in my work in progress garden.  I can't wait to share my crazy  crafty life with you.

I'm Kate, the middle sister. My main craft love is embroidery, though I've only focused on cross-stitch so far. I'm aiming to try out some different kinds of embroidery, and maybe work on customising some of my Blythe doll collection! Like my sisters, I love travel, good food, and making things.  I'm looking forward to showing some of my cross-stitch designs, and trying out some new crafts! 

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